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Wingtech launched the Communication Module for Automotive Application


In 2019, the biggest semiconductor acquisition in China was Wingtech M&A Nexperia (the European Semiconductor Giant Company) with 26.8 billion CNY. How to coordinate the development of Wingtech in the middle of the industrial chain and Nexperia in the upper part of the industrial chain is also the focus point. On April 1, Wingtech Technology announced that WM418, the first 4G vehicle communication module product which developed with Nexperia, has been preliminarily verified to be successful. This product introduces more advanced design and packaging technologies, and upgrades the traditional communication module to automotive level, which has a broad market prospect.


Wingtech Communication Module for automotive application

The module adopts 3GPP Rel. 10 LTE technology, which can support a maximum downstream rate of 150Mbps and a maximum upstream rate of 50Mbps. At the same time, WM418 is compatible with 3G and 2G networks, enabling connectivity coverage even at areas with lack 4G coverage. WM418 supports multi-input multi-output technology (MIMO). Multiple receiving antennas can be used at the receiving end to receive signals through multiple antennas at the receiving end, thereby reducing bit error rate and improving communication quality. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a GNSS (GPS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou/ Galileo/ QZSS) receiver, which greatly improves the positioning accuracy and speed of automotive application environment.

Qingjun Shen, Chief product packaging engineer from Nexperia(China)Ltd.,

"The communication module is developed in strict with the IATF16949 product development process and high reliability design indicators, including thermal design, ESD and EMI design. At the same time, the product uses automotive certificated PCB board, the numerous Automotive Level chips from Nexperia in the peripheral circuit also brings higher power efficiency for the product and provides more comprehensive protection for the peripheral interface. The software is designed to comply with vehicle-level safety requirements, including well-programmed protection against loss. According to the test requirements of AEC- Q100, the product has carried out strong acceleration experiments at 85℃ for up to 2000 hours, and is actively preparing for ISO16750 and other certification related to automotive electronics.”

Huawei Zhu, President of Wingtech R&D Center

" This communication module gives full play to the R&D ability and system integration ability of Wingtech, based on the Nexperia’s experience in automotive products, in addition to the peripheral device selection on automotive level PCB and components, also adopted Vehicle Regulation Level chip’s system in package (SiP) and EMI Shielding semiconductor packaging technology, compared with the traditional module packaging, the entire module forms a fully sealed, shielded and good thermal conductivity unit, can calmly deal with automotive environment temperature, humidity, EMC, dust and other bad environment challenge."

Communication module has been an indispensable part of all vehicle models, especially new energy vehicle, which is used to realize a series of intelligent vehicle networking functions such as remote control, location service, automotive entertainment and software update. However, traditional module design is for consumer or industrial application scenarios, even for the design of the car, also only peripheral devices and PCB board factory using Vehicle Regulation Level , and the SOC and key RF devices are not in conformity with the AEC - Q100, but also because there are many peripheral devices with very compact pcackage, such as 0402 or 0201 on the reliability of the vehicle under the bad environment caused a lot of challenges, such as vibration, temperature, humidity, dust, water, EMC and noxious gas, etc. This is also the main reason why the failure rate of automotive modules is 1~2 orders of magnitude higher than that of traditional automotive electronic products. This requires further improvements in module design with more advanced design and packaging under existing supply conditions.


The joint R&D of vehicle-mounted communication module products by Wingtech and Nexperia is only a small test in the field of automotive electronics. Both sides will also jointly research and develop 5G + V2X vehicle-mounted module and other products to open the blue ocean of intelligent vehicles in the 5G era.

Xuezheng zhang, Chairman and CEO of Wingtech, Chairman and CEO of Nexperia said, Wingtech will use their own experience in the field of communications and Nexperia’s experience in the field of semiconductor, speed up the coordinated development of Wingtech and Nepxeria in the customer, supply chain collaborative, R&D resources, innovation ability, etc. With the coming of 5G, it helps Nexperia rapidly make breakthroughs in the consumer sector and Wingtech in the automotive sector, and realize the coordinated development of Wingtech's communication business and semiconductor business.


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