News of Wingtech

Wingtech Technology is included in the FTSE Russell flagship index



FTSE Russell, a leading index compiler, announced the results of its quarterly revision of its flagship index for February 2020 on February 21, Beijing time. The quarterly adjustment of FTSE Russell will increase the inclusion factor of China a-shares from 15% to 25% as scheduled. Wingtech is one of the 10 newly included a-shares in FTSE Russell. The changes will take effect before the market opens on March 23.


Previously, Wingtech has been included in margin trading, the Shanghai 380 index, the MSCI China a-share onshore index, the shanghai-hong kong stock connect and the MSCI global standard index.

Wingtech has achieved steady growth in 2019 and is advancing its strategic goals with solid steps. The continuous inflow of capital fully demonstrates the recognition of Wingtech in the capital market, and it will be the important beginning of Wingtech 's internationalization in the capital market.

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