WINGTECH won customer recognition win LG Electronic’s


On June 27th, Mr. David Yoon, VP of LG electronics Product Planning Department, visited the WINGTECH R&D center in Shanghai, exchanging views on related cooperation and presenting "Best Quality Award" to WINGTECH, in recognition of WINGTECH’s excellent quality control and product performance in the past year. Zhang Xuezheng, Chairman of WINGTECH, Gaoyan, CTO of WINGTECH, Wang hao, General manager of sales center and general manager of China business department, and LG project team attended the award ceremony.


As a global innovative R&D and manufacturing platform for 4G/5G intelligent terminals, WINGTECH has maintained deep cooperative relationship with most mainstream brands in the world, and its shipment have ranked the top in the global ODM industry for many years. LG Electronics is the world's leading consumer electronics, mobile communication products and home appliances manufacturers, also is WINGTECH’s global partners. The smartphone products jointly launched by the two sides are well sold in the European and American markets with excellent quality and performance, continuously improving LG Electronics' market share in the European and American markets, and promoting the global development of WINGTECH's ODM business.


This award is not only the recognition, but also the driving power of our company to continuously improve the service quality. WINGTECH will continue to adhere to the "full participation, technical innovation; With the quality policy of "Quality First, Customer First" and the working principle of "Quality, Schedule, Cost and Delivery", we will deliver intelligent terminal products of higher quality to our partners, continuously expand the global market and achieve win-win cooperation.

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