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Valued 2.93 billion CNY, Wingtech Technology launched a huge equity incentive plan



In the first quarter of 2020, the net profit attributable to the parent company increased by 1379.54% year-on-year. Under this optimized situation, Wingtech Technology announced a huge equity incentive plan on May 6, which started a charge of 100 billion output value. Wingtech Technology's incentive plan covered a wide range of 1724 backbone staffs from directors, senior managers, middle managers and core technology (business). The total equity to be granted is 25.6292 million shares, which occupied 2.28% of the company's equity. According to the closing price of 114.25 CNY on May 6th, the market value of the stock was arrived 2.93 billion CNY.

The incentive plan includes two parts, which is the stock option incentive plan and the restricted stock incentive plan. The stock option incentive plan willing to grant 15.6916 million stock options to the incentive objects, and the restricted stock incentive plan willing to grant 9.9376 million restricted shares to the incentive objects. The exercise price of stock options of incentive plan is 112.04 CNY per share, and the grant price of restricted shares is 56.02 CNY per share.

The exercise period of stock option incentive plan and the release period of restricted stock incentive plan are both up to 5 years, of which, 20% is reserved. This means that the core management, technology and business team of Wingtech will remain stable for the next five years at least, and the incentive quota has been reserved for the continuous introduction of elites in the next few years.

The R&D team of Wingtech Technology expanded significantly in 2019, a numerous high-end talents has been introduced. Then achieved a high-speed growth leading the whole industry. According to the performance assessment objectives disclosed in the announcement, based on 2019, the growth rate of operating revenue in 2024 will no less than 145%. With the operating revenue of Wingtech in 2019 was 41.578 billion CNY, calculate accordingly, the goal of Wingtech is to produce more than 100 billion CNY in five years.

Benefited the high-speed growth of the company's performance, the market value of Wingtech is also rising. By the end of May 6, the market value has exceeded 120 billion CNY, and the share price has reached 114.25 CNY. On the platform of hundred billion market value and hundred stock price, Wingtech Technology launched a huge equity incentive plan to demonstrate the firm confidence and the huge layout of hundred billion output value in the future.

Affected by the epidemic at the beginning of the year, the industry has been shrouded in a hideous expectations. However, the potent growth of Wingtech continues to surprise the industry and shareholders. With the launching of the huge equity incentive plan, combined the supporting financing plan of 5.8 billion CNY before, Wingtech is actually lunging at an output value of hundred billion CNY, which is a strong stimulant for the whole industry.

We can clearly see that Wingtech Technology always find opportunities from a crisis and constantly grow itself. The future development direction and strategy has been established, the major projects are undergoing. The implementation of this huge equity incentive plan will undoubtedly greatly mobilize the motivation of employees, to improve the management efficiency, and to achieve a high-speed growth of performance. As the world's largest mobile phone ODM enterprise, and the only Chinese semiconductor company who can compete with the European and American giants, the future of Wingtech Technology is worth looking forward to.


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