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Wingtech Plans to Raise Less Than 5.8 Billion CNY to Purchase the Remaining Equity of Nexperia


On the evening of April 26, Wingtech presented a report (Draft) on the issue of shares and payment of cash to purchase assets and raise supporting funds.

According to the report, the company plans to purchase the remaining equity of Nexperia held by the shareholders of its subsidiary, Hefei Xinping, by issuing shares and paying cash. The transaction consideration is 6.334 billion CNY, and the total amount of the company's supporting raised funds is less than 5.8 billion CNY. Among them, 1.6 billion CNY will be used in terms of the advanced sealing and testing platform and process upgrading project. Then to use the raised funds of 1.05 billion CNY in 4G / 5G semiconductor communication module sealing and testing, terminal R&D and industrialization project of Cloud Silicon Intelligent Technology Town.

Before this transaction, the company has already obtained the control right of Nexperia through the previous transaction. It will further strengthen the control over Nexperia, which is conducive to improving the decision-making efficiency and resource allocation of the company's internal management, consolidating the development foundation of the company's integrated industrial chain, and promoting the company's high-quality development. At the same time, Wingtech began to increase its investment in Nexperia, and advanced sealing technology and high-power MOSFET products of Nexperia will be introduced into China, which is of great significance to the growth of Wingtech's performance and the improvement of the whole level of Chinese semiconductor industry.

The advanced sealing test platform and process upgrading project of Nexperia is mainly used in three fields, i.e. the LFPAK advanced packaging production line of high-power MOSFET introduced by Nexperia, the production increase and efficiency improvement of the original standard device products, the automation of semiconductor sealing test intelligent factory and the infrastructure construction subproject, which are mainly used in plant decoration, purchase and upgrade of various equipment and software, It will increase the capacity of standard devices ,which is about 7.8 billion pieces per year, and to improve the sealing capacity and production efficiency of Nexperia in an all-round way, to promote the profitability of Nexperia.

The 4G / 5G semiconductor communication module sealing test and terminal R&D and industrialization project of Cloud Silicon Intelligent Technology Town will build a large-scale intelligent manufacturing center integrating R&D, design, production and manufacturing with the help of the technology and R&D capabilities from Wingtech and Nexperia. Eventually, to form an annual Production capacity of 24 million 4G / 5G communication modules and intelligent terminals.

Origin:Securities Daily

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