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Wingtech Plans to Invest More in Nexperia and Introduces the High Power MOSFET Production Line into China


On the evening of April 26, Wingtech(600745)published an announcement, which mentioned the company's supporting raised funds is less than 5.8 billion CNY for the followed missions. Such as the advanced sealing and testing platform and process upgrading project, 4G / 5G semiconductor communication module sealing and testing, terminal R & D and industrialization project of Cloud Silicon Intelligent Technology Town. Then to replenishing the working capital of the listed company and repaying the debts of the listed company.

The advanced sealing test platform and process upgrading project of Nexperia is mainly used in three fields, i.e. the LFPAK advanced packaging production line of high-power MOSFET introduced by Nexperia, the production increase and efficiency improvement of the original standard device products, the automation of semiconductor sealing test intelligent factory and the infrastructure construction subproject, which are mainly used in plant decoration, purchase and upgrade of various equipment and software, It will increase the capacity of standard devices ,which is about 7.8 billion pieces per year, and to improve the sealing capacity and production efficiency of Nexperia in an all-round way, to promote the profitability of Nexperia.

Nexperia is a leading expert in the high-volume production of essential semiconductors, components that are required by every electronic design in the world. The company’s extensive portfolio includes diodes, bipolar transistors, ESD protection devices, MOSFETs, GaN FETs and analog & logic ICs. With an annual output over 69 billion pieces per year, the company is the largest small signal semiconductor device packaging base in the world. It has a cutting-edge packaging technology, a massive production experience, a perfect technological process, the vehicle regulation level and the efficient cost-effective control system. Nowadays, the 5G communication industrialization has been promoted constantly, of all kinds of intelligent terminal products appeared as the same time. This will be a tremendous demand for standard device semiconductors in the future. Nexperia will take the ownership of distribution in the capacity of sealing and testing, and make forward-looking strategic reserves for potential customer.

The 4G / 5G semiconductor communication module sealing test and terminal R&D and industrialization project of Cloud Silicon Intelligent Technology Town will build a large-scale intelligent manufacturing center integrating R&D, design, production and manufacturing with the help of the technology and R&D capabilities from Wingtech and Nexperia. Eventually, to form an annual Production capacity of 24 million 4G / 5G communication modules and intelligent terminals.

Wingtech has been working in the ODM industry for several years with a deep understanding of communication chip products. In April 2019, Wingtech launched the first 5G communication solution based on the Qualcomm SD x55 platform. Nexperia has the production capacity of standard devices in the electronic application field and the industry-leading sealing technology. Wingtech and Nexperia have cooperated and launched successfully the vehicle communication module products based on 4G. Relying on the advanced semiconductor sealing technology of Nexperia and the quality control ability of vehicle specification level, the 4G communication module of vehicle specification level can be widely used in automobile electronics, notebook computer, router, intelligent speaker, AI / VR, 5G CPE (home gateway), IoT and other intelligent terminals.

Based on the gradual promotion of 5G commercialization and the constant R&D capability and t R&D platform of Wingtech and Nexperia, it will continue to evolve 4G to 5G communication technology, and innovate packaging forms, the high integration, miniaturization and low cost of communication modules and intelligent terminals will become true. In this way to improve the overall performance and market competitiveness. This fund-raising investment project will benefit Nexperia who bring the technology to China. The in-depth promotion of M&A integration of Wingtech and Nexperia will act in a positive synergy effect.

Origin:  Zhongzheng Web

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