Wingtech Nexperia donated 100,000 masks to the Dutch Hospital


On March 25, in Nexperia(China)Ltd., Wingtech Nexperia donated 100,000 self-made masks to Dutch hospitals to support local hospitals to fight against COVID-19.


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Nexperia is headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With the spread of covid-19, the company promptly strengthened the prevention and control measures, and some employees were arranged to work from home. At present, the company run without interruption.


In COVID - 19 beginning of the outbreak, Wingtech emergency start making donations on Chinese New Year's Eve, Wingtech management committee approved 11 million CNY COVID - 19 special endowments, formed a donation team headed by the Chairman. Through the day and night work for more than 10 days, we endeavor to donate funds and material through the Red Cross and charities directly to the needed designated hospitals of Hubei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guangdong and other provinces and cities. It includes nucleic acid testing equipment and reagents, respirators, sterilizers, masks, protective clothing and other medical materials, which are specially used to support the prevention and control of covid-19, personnel treatment and medical staff support.


Under the leadership of Chairman Xuezheng Zhang, Wingtech quickly carried out prevention and control measures and actively organized the resumption of work and production. There was not a single case of infection in the whole company. Meanwhile, Wingtech was the first company in the whole industry to resume work and production, and obtained a large number of new orders, successfully fight the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.


At the same time, we also received many masks and other protective supplies from overseas customers and suppliers, they collected the purchase from various places, Wingtech people were deeply moved.




When the epidemic situation in China has reached an inflection point, the global epidemic is still spreading. Wingtech actively performs its industrial and social responsibilities, provides assistance to our partners and customers, and has donated our self-made protective equipment such as infrared thermometer to LG and other overseas customers. Wingtech will work with global partners and customers to fight against the COVID - 19 and we will win it!



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