Fighting the Epidemic, Wingtech in action!



Since the epidemic happened, Wingtech pay high attention to the epidemic protection work, conscientiously implement the central committee and the State Council decision deployment and the securities and futures commission regarding the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work notice requirements, established the leading group for the epidemic prevention and control, at the first time in the first place to donate protective materials to the affected areas, at the first time to master all the staff in epidemic information and buy protection goods, prevention and control of the first sign of the epidemic area of travel, at the first time for production and office place thorough disinfection, efforts to do a good job of disease prevention and control.

1. Establishing a leading group for epidemic prevention and control

The company immediately set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control with the chairman in charge and all the heads of each department in charge. Local leaders quickly established contact with local governments and epidemic prevention departments to discuss prevention and control plans. The human resources administration, security and other departments of the company shall promptly formulate plans to cooperate with the operation of the company to carry out a comprehensive, round-the-clock inspection and epidemic prevention work, so as to ensure the recovery to the normal state of full load production and operation as soon as possible.

2.Fulfil our social responsibility

On the New Year's eve, the company collected and purchased protective materials through various means and donated 1 million sets of medical gloves to Hubei Anlu hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, in an effort to support the medical institutions in the affected area to fight the epidemic.

3.Cancel all business trips in the affected areas


The company immediately cancelled all business trips to the affected areas and switched to providing remote support services. Other necessary business trips at home or abroad(outside the epidemic area) are required to have good personal protection and establish a daily reporting system for business travelers to ensure smooth and safe information. All departments pay attention to the protection of the travel personnel in real time and give full support and care.

4.Strengthening prevention and control measures

The office space of the company has been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned on January 22, every three hours for one time. All personnel are required to wear masks, take their temperature at the security guard before entering the office area, and the security guard will conduct round-the-clock patrols to ensure safety. The company requires all colleagues returning from other regions (except Hubei)to work at home for 7 days after the holiday. Colleagues returning from Hubei shall work from home in isolation as required by the government, and the specific time of return shall be further notified according to the national arrangement.

5. Care and protect employees

The company is equipped with a large number of disinfectant, detergent, masks and other anti-epidemic materials at the reception and public areas. Carry out epidemic investigation in detail, count the travel information and health status of each employee, maintain communication between staff, report the epidemic information in real time, do a good job in epidemic prevention and publicity, and guide staff to strengthen confidence and face up to it actively. Wingtech has firmly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC central committee and the state council, and made every effort to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus according to the unified requirements of the CSRC, so as to contribute to the decisive victory of the epidemic prevention and control war.

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